Thursday, August 22, 2013

not just a tobacco shop

A few months back a passenger & her daughter had me go to a "tobacco shop". I recently moved closer that shop, and my roommate smokes, so we dropped in to check it out.

Their selection of tobacco was quite limited. Their selection of glass, powdered vitamins and porn was extensive. The guy didn't want to tell me what "niacinamide" or "inositol" was for, but eventually my roommate learned that these are used to cut cocaine. "oh."


She settled on a more conventional tobacco shop for her cigarette making supplies, but ran out of tubes recently. I called the regular shop, but there was no answer, so I called the shop mentioned above. They were open until 11pm. "Do you carry filters?"

"No that would be a class-four felony." Click.

We went over there anyways, and they indeed sold cigarette tubes. With filters.

Do any of you know what sort of paraphernalia a 'filter' is, that this shop of course does not actually sell?
Here are the main ways drugs are introduced into the body.

Injecting. For drugs that can be dissolved in water such as heroin, they are drawn up into a hypodermic syringe and injected usually into a vein but sometimes into a muscle or under the skin. Drug paraphernalia for a heroin user will most often contain a small spoon or bit of kitchen foil, a vial of water, a tuft of cotton to act as a filter, the heroin powder, and a lighter. The heroin is measured into the spoon and water added.

Does that seem right to any of you? Hmm.

I'm sending another letter to Mr. Crawford today. At my last jail visit he said he appreciates the printouts because he can write on the back of the pages, so this time I printed an informative report that I am sure he will find interesting.

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