Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spontaneous Restaurant Review

My third passenger this morning was going home from Dialysis - she's on the 3x/week maintenance program. While sitting at the light at 99th Ave & Thunderbird, the passenger gestured to the restaurant's sign avertising 2 tacos for 99-cents:
Those tacos - they look good, and they taste awful. Never again. And I like Tacos...
The very next passenger had basically the same voyage, from a little farther down Bell Rd. to 99th Ave & Thunderbird, approximately (he was helping out his 90yo grandmother). When I drove past the restaurant the second time I told about the prior passenger. As the restaurant passed out of view I thought to take a picture. Fortunately Google has a streetview image.

This was an older kidney patient - in her 80's, probably. I had recently had another who was only 40 - she'd lost her kidney function at 26, iirc. She was exhausted - the doctors had removed her ... parathyroids (?) in December.

Sometimes people offer to buy me fast food, but I always decline.