Sunday, February 23, 2014

Spontaneous Restaurant Review

My third passenger this morning was going home from Dialysis - she's on the 3x/week maintenance program. While sitting at the light at 99th Ave & Thunderbird, the passenger gestured to the restaurant's sign avertising 2 tacos for 99-cents:
Those tacos - they look good, and they taste awful. Never again. And I like Tacos...
The very next passenger had basically the same voyage, from a little farther down Bell Rd. to 99th Ave & Thunderbird, approximately (he was helping out his 90yo grandmother). When I drove past the restaurant the second time I told about the prior passenger. As the restaurant passed out of view I thought to take a picture. Fortunately Google has a streetview image.

This was an older kidney patient - in her 80's, probably. I had recently had another who was only 40 - she'd lost her kidney function at 26, iirc. She was exhausted - the doctors had removed her ... parathyroids (?) in December.

Sometimes people offer to buy me fast food, but I always decline.

Today also had another male teen whose father died on him. He was going from counseling to his group home. Born in Germany, lived there until 3yo or so, dad died on him around 4yo, mom started using drugs. It was rather déjà vu, except they were in opposite corners of the Valley. He was adopted, and his sister was adopted into his adopted aunt's family. Today's passenger had run away from this adopted family, and it was either the group home or the "academy"...

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