Sunday, November 25, 2012

More about visiting SLO

For the record, I sent Mr. Crawford a card a week ago Saturday to let him know that I was planning to visit last Tuesday. The purpose for my visit was to consult with Mr. Crawford on the subject of a smartphone application for the taxi business, and various other internet-related ideas.

I drove from Santa Monica to San Luis Obispo [SLO] on Tuesday. First I stopped at the Grover Beach police station. I told the staffer that I was wondering about our friend who we'd heard was in SLO County Jail. She did look up MDC's name in her computer system, and said she couldn't say anything "because of the nature of the case". Whatever that meant. But she did tell me how to get to the courthouse in SLO, and said the Public Defender's office was right across the street.

The public defender's office was up a flight of stairs, and behind a door that did NOT say 'public defender'. They told me who MDC's public defender was, and mentioned something innocuous enough, which was probably public information anyways. But I don't want to get anyone in trouble, so I have decided that there is no need to share what specifically was mentioned.

Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Immigration anxiety at the county jail

I've never visited anyone in jail before. I caught something of a phone conversation of the woman next to me in line about someone having to buy someone a Lamborghini if they were going to stay friends, and I used that to strike up a conversation.

She was there to visit her husband. She's white, he's Mexican. They'd been together for 13+ years, and her family didn't understand why she put up with him. So we had a little chat about the energy dynamics in relationships, and she gave me insider's tips about visiting people at the county jail.