Wednesday, July 4, 2012

Passenger Rescue

Yesterday I was offered a fare in zone 242. I accepted, and it was at the nearby Albertson's grocery store. "oh great $6", I thought.

When I pulled up to the grocery store I called the number. A guy came out and said his friend was inside. Friend came out, "do you guys have groceries?"  No groceries - passenger #1 had taken his car to the German car mechanic (Early 90's Mercedes SL, I think). "Take us to Mesa".  Good fare, nice tip.

A few hours later I was asked to come back to Mesa and pick up his friend. First he txt'd me his cc#, then said to just come by where he was (which was different than where I'd dropped him off hours earlier). He paid the fare with a good tip, and I took this woman to the first apartment complex in Mesa. She was going for a tattoo, and said that the artist had been in prison. In literature this is called "foreshadowing".

Today's first fare from this passenger was even better. Then things got weird.