Monday, August 12, 2013

An anthem for taxi-driving

A few months ago I had a passenger ask for tunes, so I turned the radio on. This anthem for taxi-cab driving came on. At the time this song was playing regularly - it took a few repetitions before I caught the key lyrics ("hop in to a cab, take me anywhere"). Mostly I listen to KBAQ now. I used to say "no one ever complains about classical music", but as real-Jesus taught, "Ask, and it shall be given you." That passenger was the sort of person who could complain about anything.

In other news, the new British heir-to-the-throne's non-royal grandparents apparently weren't worthy of crown-coordinated transportation: Carole & Michael Middleton's Cab Driver from Hospital Says Experience Was "Really Exciting". I wonder what it takes to declare one's family to be royalty.

I haven't been posting much, but I do read all the diaries. Thank you for letting me know that our friend Michael Crawford is apparently back in jail. I am working on a letter - these were much-appreciated last time.

I have a new-ish friend who spent almost 2 years in a minimum security prison. In a way, her experience was a sort of "time-out". But when she got out of prison all the psychological/energetic problems that led to her drinking were as bad as they ever were. Sometimes heavy drinking is a coping strategy. She is doing much better now.

Before Michael got out the last time, I sent him a letter gently suggesting that he refrain from posting walls-of-text to the internet. Indeed, he did pretty well for a while. But the issues were all still there, and his walls-of-text snowballed out of control. Walls-of-text are just as destructive as drinking, if your name is MDC.

I am working on a submission/question for the queue, about a political issue of the day. From my perspective, both sides in the debate are being less-than-helpful. Hopefully this will be ready this week.

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