Monday, October 21, 2013

checking in...

Usually I like to develop my diaries a bit. But since is on time-out right now I'll keep it short.

After my shift today I was working on my notes when the night driver showed up. He said he was very busy last night, and barely made it to 6am. He had to refuse a passenger because the passenger couldn't tell him where to go, couldn't produce an ID with his address, etc. "just get out."

Then he told me about the big fellow at state fair who wanted a ride to 27th Ave & Camelback. The other taxi drivers refused him. My recruit said, "that's a $15 fare, I'll take you for $10." Upfront. Guy gets in the cab, and they drive off...

The driver tried to chat with his passenger, but got no response. This sent up a huge red flag. When they got to the area of the passenger's destination, he went into the QT gas station at about 27th Ave & Camelback and says to get out. The meter was at $12.xx. The passenger wants to go off to his destination in the neighborhood. "absolutely not, you just want to jack me."

The passenger gets all pissy and wants his $10 back, and says he's going to call the cops. I think the driver is a retired cop. He told me, "I would have given him the $10 back, but since he wanted to call the cops on himself I went ahead and let him."

I doubt any of those other drivers would have known how to handle a real thief...

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