Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Assisting in the Greecian's Pilgrimage (Recovering from Day 14)

My 14th shift was bad. I never should have taken the crown victoria that was missing the button for lumbar support adjustment. But I did anyways, and was miserable all day. Halfway through the shift I compiled a list of things that needed to be fixed on the car, and headed back to base (ignition held on to the key, trunk wouldn't release w/out help, pulled right, 'clunking' in front suspension, excessive shuddering on the freeway).

I met the Greek pilgrim on Monday, while sitting at my usual coffee shop.

Day 14 (Tuesday) was so bad that I intended to work on my other projects today, but I'm always open when opportunity calls.

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  1. one who journeys in foreign lands : wayfarer
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He'd just arrived in Phoenix via Greyhound, from Dallas, where he'd just finished flight operations school (I know about flight operations from the other passenger a few shifts back). The city bus driver told him he'd find motels on the street I was at. They were all miles away from where he got off the bus.

The pilgrim said he'd come to Arizona to visit St. Anthony's Monastery, near Florence. This is in the Greek Orthodox tradition, and was founded in 1995 or so.

I took the pilgrim to what seemed like a reasonably-priced hotel. The clerk said "no check-ins until 3pm."  As we were leaving, a woman told us that we didn't want to stay there because it's a dump, and recommended another location by the same chain.

The pilgrim decided he'd rather stay downtown. I took him to the Holiday Inn where I once picked up a business traveler going to the airport. There were three hotels within walking distance, so I don't know which one he stayed at.

He called me this morning, and asked if I'd take him to Florence. He rented a car and drove himself yesterday, to check the place out. He'd like to stay through Easter, if he can do it...

It is a very nicely done. Some of the woodwork was very ornate. There were lots of olive trees, citrus groves, and a few date palms...

Altogether a nice day, and made enough from my one passenger to make up for taking the day off taxicab driving.

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