Saturday, September 22, 2012

I sent some paper and envelopes to Mr. Crawford

I clicked on the link in this comment, and saw that you could buy stuff for inmates. Is this the user who was talking about there being a taxi conspiracy?

I should try to catch up on my fare reports. Every night is interesting, in its own way.

A few mornings back I went to vacuum the cab at the self-serve car wash, and a guy on a bicycle struck up a conversation with me. It turned out that he also drives for the company. I told him about driving for the owner/operator, and he was very interested. I gave him the owner's phone number, in the hopes that he would take over for me.

I was rather tired of nights. They're not so bad, as long as it's busy. But the last night I drove was boring. Hopefully I am back to working on my own terms, instead of being obligated to drive 3-4 nights a week.

Poll: What would you send an inmate?